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SEF & Chally's Predictive Talent Assessment

SEF Career Development Program features Chally's Predictive Talent Assessment

The Predictive Talent Assessment is based on extensive and ongoing research conducted over a period of decades and leverages more than 400 proprietary validation studies to accurately predict on-the-job behaviors and performance.

  • One assessment taken by all participants
  • Online access available 24/7 in 20 languages
  • Describes likelihood of on-the-job behaviors rather than abstract characteristics
  • Provides clear recommendations concerning fit for specific roles
  • Discourages attempts to manipulate the test results
  • Measures competencies that contribute to successful performance in sales-related roles

Chally’s unique personalized report options include Best Fit reports, focused on a student's highest overall score; Selection reports for 18 Chally Sales roles; Individual Strengths reports and personal habits and motivations reports.

  • Reports predict strengths and natural tendencies while providing coaching suggestions for their lower graded skills
  • Measure potential for success
  • Describe the critical skills for success and scores each student on each skill

Chally’s extensive Chally Signature Profiles Library illustrates the 18 Benchmark Profile options.

General information is available in our Knowledge Center. Read our Information sheet and explore other items. Learn how you can leverage our Career Development Program and the Chally with your sales students by sending a message to