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An expanded understanding of the importance Professional Sales has in the world economy

It’s a fact! More than 50% of college graduates hold their first job in a sales-related role. Additional research puts this number as high as +60% for all business majors. While the national average for job placement hovers around 51%, sales programs report an average +94% job placement rate.

SEF elevates the sales profession by focusing on the entire “supply chain” of sales. We assist universities and colleges with the goal of starting a Sales program and promote well-established programs. HIgher education students can learn about the advantages of a Sales career and participate in the Chally Assessment offered at no cost to university sales programs.

Hiring organizations can download our SEF Annual, the largest source of sales program data and recruiters can use the data to define their hiring strategies – all offered at no cost.

By promoting Professional Sales programs for 18 years, SEF has elevated the perception of sales and assisted in the heightened importance placed on an organization’s sales force.

  • Universities

    Helping Sales Programs Stand Out

    The Sales Education Foundation assists collegiate sales programs in multiple ways. We provide worldwide exposure for established and emerging programs through our “Top Universities and Colleges for Professional Sales” listing featured in the SEF ANNUAL magazine. We assist other institutions of higher learning with developing their programs. Those teaching Sales can work with us to bring our unique Career Development Program to their sales students. We financially support academic conferences and events. Visit our Universities/Colleges page to learn more.

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  • Students

    Sales Education Is the First Step to Success

    Sales plays a key role in every industry. The number of students entering the workforce in sales continues to grow as positions throughout industry increase. Helping students understand their natural strengths and the importance of choosing the right sales position are keys to future success. SEF offers our Career Development Program each semester to students studying sales. Since 2009 over 40,000 students have participated.

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  • Companies

    Sales Education Graduates Enhance the Sales Force

    Helping industry make connections with the ever-growing number of sales programs and their students remains a major focus of SEF. We serve as a conduit of information for hiring organizations and recruiters and promote the fact that sales program graduates come to the workforce armed with the tools and talent to contribute to their organizations from day one. Visit our Companies page to learn more.

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