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A Professional Sales Education is the First Step

Did you know Professional Sales is a great career? More than half of business graduates hold their first job in Sales. Check out some of the compelling statistics below …


A university Sales education provides an excellent return on your college financial investment.

Did you know that current job placement rates for graduates are over 95%? Leading universities and recruiters at top sales organizations clearly recognize that a formal Sales education can provide students with the knowledge and skills they need for success. Although universities will differ in details and recognition levels, all combine expertise in strategy with applied skills in the growing field of professional sales.

We can give you 3 Reasons to think about a sales career! Now, check out some of the interesting careers in Professional Sales below.

Understanding Sales Careers

Sales roles are as different as pizza toppings. In fact, we know there are 18 distinct roles. Some you’ve heard of and some you may not have. Here are a few of the most common roles – you might see one you’re interested in …

The Hunter – New Business Development

Hunters are responsible for bringing in new business from major accounts. They develop a presence in the marketplace. Successful new business developers tend to be very opportunistic and look for new ways to apply their products and services. They thrive in situations where they are free to continue seeking new business.

The Farmer – Account Manager

Farmers are responsible for strengthening existing customer relations
and focusing on meeting customer needs. They make it easy to do business with their organization by increasing customer satisfaction. They handle special requests and are quick to problem solve. The most important thing to Farmers is the customer.

Inside Sales – Inbound and Outbound

Inbound Inside Sales people are responsible for responding to contact initiated by
customers or prospects by phone, email or through social media. Sellers in this role
typically gain an understanding of the caller’s needs or requirements and quickly identify the appropriate actions to move the opportunity towards a sale, meeting, or other relevant outcome.
Outbound Inside Sales people are responsible for initiating contact with prospects and customers. Interactions typically occur via phone, email, or social media. Sellers in these roles identify new business prospects and move along a defined sales process to an appropriate conclusion. In some organizations, they may develop target lists or set appointments for others within the organization.

These are just a few of the exciting and rewarded careers in Professional Sales. We’d love to share more with you. Contact us at

SEF Career Development Program offered to Sales Students

Why should you want to take the Chally Predictive Talent Assessment?

SEF believes in equipping students with the essential tools for success in the Sales profession. That's why we are proud to offer students the opportunity to take the Chally Predictive Talent Assessment at no cost. This assessment is a game-changer, providing invaluable insights into your sales aptitude, strengths, and areas for improvement. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you gain a competitive edge in the job market and unlock doors to rewarding sales careers. Don't miss out on this chance to discover your true sales potential and kickstart your path to success with SEF and the Chally Predictive Talent Assessment.

Here’s what one student from the University of Dayton discovered:

“As a senior (my Chally results) helped me evaluate multiple job offers and choose the one best suited to my skills and interest.”

Students receive personalized results that:

  • Focus on skills, build on strengths, help address challenges and indicate preferences
  • Assist with more accurately, responsibly navigating the Sales career landscape
  • Provides personal fit information on a multitude of Sales roles including inside sales, business development, account management, specialized solution sales and more

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